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Manufacturing, construction data point to sturdy U.S. growth

An overall view of the assembly line where the BMW X4 is made at the BMW manufacturing plant in Spartanburg "Things continue to fall into place for our view that growth should accelerate in the year's back half," said Dan Greenhaus, chief strategist at BTIG in New York. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index of national factory activity rose to 59.0 last month, the highest reading since March 2011, from 57.1 in July. Carl Riccadonna, a senior economist at Deutsche Bank in New York, said the current level of new orders has historically been consistent with an annualized GDP growth pace of 4.4 percent.

Wall Street falls as energy shares decline

Trader Fred DeMarco works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange The S&P energy index lost 1.7 percent as Brent crude oil futures fell to their lowest level in 15 months. Noble Corp was the biggest loser among the S&P energy names, falling 3.3 percent, while Ensco PLC fell 3.1 percent. Home Depot Inc shares were the worst performer in the Dow industrials, falling 3 percent to $90.16 a share after CNBC reported that hackers may have stolen credit-card data.

Which Advertising Platform Works Best? Apple, Facebook or Twitter?

Which Advertising Platform Works Best? Apple, Facebook or Twitter? Which is the best place to advertise online of these three outlets: Apple, Facebook or Twitter? We decided to put them to the test for our mobile venture hapn that lets people make photo stories together.The results surprised us and gave us powerful insight into how best to use these platforms that may help you as a business owner to decide. ...

What Is Your Curiosity Quotient?

What Is Your Curiosity Quotient? When I engage my Hult business students on elements of strategic influence, I first ask them to think about those in their life who have deeply influenced them and why. When I look at my own list there is a common thread that runs through each of these individuals - irrespective of age, gender, or cultural background - those who have deeply...

Majority of Executives Believe Attackers Will Overcome Corporate Defenses

Majority of Executives Believe Attackers Will Overcome Corporate Defenses Many technology executives don’t have a favorable outlook on their ability to sideswipe cybercriminals, according to research conducted by McKinsey and World Economic Forum.The research also shows that both big and small businesses lack the ability to make sturdy decisions, and struggle to quantify the effect of risk and resolution plans....

Dollar General sweetens Family Dollar bid, may go hostile

A price sign at a Dollar General store in Arvada, Colorado Dollar General Corp raised its bid for Family Dollar Stores Inc to $9.1 billion, and warned it may turn hostile and appeal directly to shareholders if the new offer was rejected. Family Dollar stuck instead with an $8.5 billion cash-and-stock bid from Dollar Tree Inc made in late July. Family Dollar said on Tuesday its board would review Dollar General's new offer and that it was committed to the Dollar Tree deal. Any deal will net Family Dollar CEO Howard Levine between $690 million and $750 million, based on his 8.2 percent stake in the company.

Airbus offers Poland joint ventures, no urgency in share stake

A man makes a phone call next to the logo of Airbus Group during the e-Aircraft Day at the Bordeaux Merignac airport By Wiktor Szary KIELCE Poland (Reuters) - Airbus Group is interested in setting up joint ventures to support the Polish defense industry but has downplayed the question of Warsaw taking a direct shareholding in the European aerospace group. In December, the Polish government said it would consider buying a stake in Airbus Group, then known as EADS. Polish media have said the east European country is interested in taking a 1-2 percent stake in Toulouse, France-based Airbus Group. Talk of integration expanded in July when the head of the company's helicopters division told Reuters that Poland could become Airbus's fifth core nation alongside Britain, France, Germany and Spain, in a partnership designed in part to support its bid for a military helicopter contract.

U.S. court revives Botox-linked shareholder suit against Allergan

The head offices of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. are seen in Laval, Quebec Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, said plaintiff shareholders had alleged enough specific facts to proceed. Allergan, which paid a $375 million criminal fine after being accused of marketing Botox for off-label uses, said the allegations in the shareholder derivative lawsuit have not been proved and the company is confident it will be vindicated. The lawsuit, filed in 2010, alleged that Allergan's board authorized plans to promote Botox for off-label conditions like headaches and migraines despite knowing the limits of federal drug marketing rules.

Innovation: Old Crops, New Soil

Innovation: Old Crops, New Soil Did you know that some of the largest chapters of agricultural groups like the Future Farmers of America are in urban centers? This may surprise you: some of the biggest breakthroughs in farming aren't happening on farms--they're happening in big cities. The popularity of urban farming--or "vertical farming"--brings new challenges to an old...

Switzerland urged to step up fight against ill-gotten funds

A bank clerk places Swiss franc banknotes of several values to be sorted in a money counter in a Bank in Zurich Switzerland is not doing enough to rid itself of ill-gotten funds, despite loosening its banking secrecy, and should now beef up its law against money laundering, an global corruption watchdog said on Tuesday. Cobus de Swardt, head of the Berlin-based group Transparency International, said Berne needed to prevent ill-gotten funds from being hidden or laundered, for example through cash purchases of luxury goods or property. In May, Switzerland said it would do away with banking secrecy by joining the growing ranks of countries agreeing to share tax information. While it has a law against money laundering, no substantial checks are required on cash purchases at the many luxury shops, art dealers and jewelers that dot the high streets of cities such as Geneva and Zurich.

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work Since the dawn of business there has been a certain style of how and when work should be done. It flows from the top down: beginning with the organization, to the managers, and then employees. In this case organization refers to C-level executives and key stakeholders; those at the very top of the business. This group of people has been making...

Boeing shares slip after first 'underperform' rating since 2009

The Boeing logo is seen at their headquarters in Chicago By Alwyn Scott NEW YORK (Reuters) - Boeing Co shares slipped 1.3 percent on Tuesday after a pair of downgrades from highly ranked analysts, including one who cut the stock outlook to "underperform." The underperform rating by The Buckingham Research Group, a New York-based broker-dealer, marked the first such rating for Boeing's stock since 2009, according to data by Thomson Reuters. In 2009, Boeing was suffering from delays in bringing its 787 Dreamliner to market. Buckingham also cut its price target for Boeing shares to $101, well below the current price of over $125. Analyst Richard Safran, ranked third among 23 Boeing analysts for estimate accuracy and recommendation performance, wasn't immediately available for comment.

6 Ways to Get Introverts Into Your Store

6 Ways to Get Introverts Into Your Store Half of people are introverts, yet the vast majority of brick and mortar stores are designed as if all shoppers are extroverts. Unlike extroverts, who are often gregarious and talkative, introverts prefer quiet and solitude, and tend to speak only when something must be said. On behalf of introverts everywhere, I can assure you that treating...

U.S. construction spending hits highest level in 5-1/2 years

Construction crew erects scaffolding at sunset on a new housing project in Maryland Construction spending increased 1.8 percent to an annual rate of $981.31 billion, the highest level since December 2008, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday. July's percentage increase was the largest since May 2012 and reflected gains across all categories, with the exception of federal government. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast construction spending increasing 1.0 percent after a previously reported 1.8 percent drop in June. Construction spending in July was buoyed by a 3.4 percent jump in state and local government projects, which lifted outlays to their highest level since June 2012.

Halliburton to settle U.S. Gulf spill claims for $1.1 billion

Oil is burned off the surface of the water near the source of the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana (Reuters) - Halliburton Co said it reached a $1.1 billion settlement for a majority of claims against the company for its role in the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The settlement, which includes legal fees, is subject to approval by the U.S. Halliburton, North America's top oilfield services provider, had set aside $1.3 billion for costs related to the incident. Rig contractor Transocean Ltd , which employed nine of the workers killed, agreed to pay $1.4 billion in settlement last year, while BP has paid about $28 billion so far.

Exclusive: 'Back to normal' for AstraZeneca CEO, despite Pfizer rumors

Chief Executive of AstraZeneca Pascal Soriot leaves after appearing at a commons science committee hearing at Portcullis House in London By Ben Hirschler BARCELONA (Reuters) - Though speculation is rife of a new Pfizer bid, AstraZeneca's chief executive is not holed up with advisers in London or New York. Instead, he has spent the last three days immersed in heart science in Barcelona. "The only thing I can tell you is I am here - and imagine where I would be if something was happening!" Pascal Soriot told Reuters on the sidelines of the European Society of Cardiology congress, the world's largest heart meeting. Strict British takeover rules limit what Soriot and other players can say about Pfizer's abortive attempt to buy AstraZeneca and the possibility of a resumption of talks.

Why Today's Parents Have No Business Giving Their Kids Advice

Why Today's Parents Have No Business Giving Their Kids Advice The world isn't what it used to be.Prior to Generation X you could get and maintain a well-paying job and stay there for 20-40 years. Those days are long gone. As we move from one generation to the next, parents pass along life advice to their children hoping to inspire them to achieve what they did and more. That was the model for parenting...

5 Resume Rules You MUST Ignore

5 Resume Rules You MUST Ignore What works and doesn't work for job search has changed substantially in the last few years. Technology and the economy have changed many of the basic "resume rules" we have trusted in the past.Unless the employer is small, with fewer than 100 employees, the process of posting jobs and collecting resumes is automated. Succeeding in today's...

10 Steps to Getting a Raise

10 Steps to Getting a Raise If you are afraid to ask for a raise, you are not alone. Most people, no matter how self-confident they are, feel quite anxious about this issue. But good work should be rewarded and most companies know that great talent is hard to come by and turn over costs are expensive. If you're doing an outstanding job, your bosses will do what it takes...

My Banned Word Holiday Rant

My Banned Word Holiday Rant According to the US Department of Labor (, Labor Day (the first Monday in September) is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our...

Rock Bands, Startups and Discovering the Next Big Idea

Rock Bands, Startups and Discovering the Next Big Idea For the past few years, whenever I meet a new startup, I treat them like a rock band. Not only because I believe startups are rock stars, but because I have learned -- from my experience as the owner of an indie record label and as an early-stage investor -- that there are a lot of similarities between the two.BandmatesEvery band has to have a...

The 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Strategies

In a digital age, where most users have computers and mobile devices, accessing websites, social networks, and other online media, has become part of day-to-day living. Thus, many companies have adopted digital marketing strategies to continue to promote their products and services to these users via these channels. According to global...

How Do You Bring About Real Time Strategic Change?

How Do You Bring About Real Time Strategic Change? Jake Jacobs has been curious about why some organizations work and others don't since he began his consulting practice nearly 30 years ago. His pioneering work and lessons learned in the field of Large Group Interventions are captured in his classic book, "Real Time Strategic Change: How to Involve an Entire Organization in Fast and...

I Got You Covered: Ensuring Your Business Has Insurance When You Need It

I Got You Covered: Ensuring Your Business Has Insurance When You Need It Just in the last few years, there's been Hurricane Sandy thundering up the East Coast and causing more than $8 billion in damage to businesses just in New Jersey alone. On the other coast in California, the drought this year has racked up more than $2 billion in losses and cost thousands of job.

5 Business Lessons I Learned in a Foxhole (Literally)

5 Business Lessons I Learned in a Foxhole (Literally) The above photo was taken near Sangin in Afghanistan's Helmand Valley in 2008. The author is on the far left.Six years ago in Afghanistan my sniper team ran a three day mission to observe a tier-1 IED site (military-speak for a place with a high likelihood of having a roadside bomb emplaced at it). The hope was to take out the Taliban insurgent...

Want To Be Invited Into You? A Pre-Labor Day Meditation

Labor Day is one of those highlighted high points of the year. The end of summer, the beginning of school, shorter days with slight weather changes branded with BBQs and celebrations and sometimes, leftover fireworks from the Fourth Of July. Mostly, this time of the year is a liminal space between here and there, then and now and you and me....

Economic Forces Are Mightier Than the Sword

Economic Forces Are Mightier Than the Sword There is no question that the world is in turmoil. Every day we are bombarded with depressing news that ranges from disturbing to shocking. This endless repetition in the headlines is reminiscent of the movie "Groundhog Day." The amazing thing we learn from history is that there are no rules.

How to Redefine Your Marketing Strategy in Today's Tech Drenched World

How to Redefine Your Marketing Strategy in Today's Tech Drenched World "There's many a slip twixt cup and the lip" is erroneously attributed to Shakespeare throughout history.The origins can be traced back to Greek mythology and culturally juxtaposed by Emelio Estevez in the flick, "Young Guns" from the late 80′s.Regardless of the cultural reference points, this quote should be a powerful reminder for any...

Why Finding The Perfect Business Mentor is Like Hitting the Jackpot

Why Finding The Perfect Business Mentor is Like Hitting the Jackpot "What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows." -- Paulo Coehlo, The Witch of PortebelloIf you're an entrepreneur with dreams of making it big, the smartest move you can make is finding a mentor. Obtaining the right...

Train Your Brain to Thrive From 9 to 5

Train Your Brain to Thrive From 9 to 5 The majority of employers throughout the world are "strongly committed to creating a workplace culture of health" and are investing in programs to achieve these goals, according to Buck Consultants at Xerox, describing their newly released survey, "Working Well: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies." That's...

Microsoft Store $16.95 A Day Rental Cars from